16 June 2010

Nono, Gaga

I'm going to put this out there, and I know I'll take some heat from the Gagaites or whatever her crazy fans call themselves: I intensely dislike Lady Gaga. Her character is just obnoxious and her music isn't anything more than typical pop. Her music isn't at the level of the Beatles or Stones. I don't see my children 20, 30 years from now singing her songs. People are calling her revolutionary and the best thing to happen to music, but I just can't get behind that.

Yes, she's doing wild things with her outfits and hair. Yes, she's creating music that's topping charts at the moment. With today's social media sites, people can be famous for posting a video of their son on drugs after a trip to the dentist or for tickling a kitten. I can understand why she's famous, because at least, in part, she has used her own, god-given talents to become this famous.

She has created a character that is interesting to people who are used to seeing celebrities wearing their hair in predictable styles and wearing shoes that require little thought while walking. But this character has become boring and a fame whore. Who shows up to their little sister's high school graduation in a completely outrageous outfit? Have some respect for your family and give your sister a day in the sun.

"No one will even know I'm there, lil sis. I swear!"

I get that the first few outfits she wore were crazy and "pushing the envelope", or something, but she's no Madonna. Christina Aguilera was wearing crazy outfits years ago.

I also don't see her music surviving the tests of time. As previously stated, I don't see my children singing her songs 20 or 30 years from now. She's the pop princess of the moment, and, as with most pop princesses, she'll fade. We'll hear stories of her down the road in desperate cries for attention. We'll hear her songs played in flashback moments and be reminded of the good old days of college or high school (thank you, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, & Xtina for always giving me a boost of high school nostalgia). But, when it comes down to it she won't last.

Thanks for the slumber party memories, Brits.

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