29 November 2011

Words on Wednesday: A Brilliant Mind

I am in the midst of writing final papers, so this week's WoW will be brief.  This interview with noted linguist Steven Pinker was on the Frontpage of the New York Times website yesterday.  Take a few minutes to listen to a brilliant man.  You just might learn something new!

This week's Word on Wednesday is inspired by Dr. Pinker and his works:

oeuvre, noun
          a substantial body of work constituting the lifework of a writer, an artist, or a composer
                    origin: French Ĺ“uvre, literally, work, from Old French ovre, Latin opera
                    First Known Use: 1875

This week's definition taken from Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  Click the link for the pronunciation!  Not going to lie, I love words with three vowels in a row.  I don't know if I like how it looks or figuring out how to pronounce them, just love 'em.  Thanks for loaning us this lovely word, French!

23 November 2011

Words on Wednesday: Gratitude

As Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I had to make this week's Word on Wednesday theme gratitude.  Too often we don't acknowledge and say thanks for those people, moments, things, etc in our lives that have affected us positively, even simple "Thank you" notes are too much for people nowadays.

1. My husband.  He is always patient and kind, even when I'm not.
2. My beasts.  When I'm stressed or feeling down, they break out in a ridiculous rough and tumble wrestling match that always puts a smile on my face.
3. My brothers.  We may be a thousand miles apart, but I always feel like I'm home when I talk to them.
4. My parents.  They understand - "We could not talk or talk for hours, and still find things to not talk about." - Name that movie.
5. Friends, near and far.  It's always great to talk to people who have known me for years, but I've loved meeting and getting to know more women who are dealing with the same issues I am.

Found here

Hit the jump for 6-10 and this week's festive WoW!

16 November 2011

Words on Wednesday: Memories

I have many memories that revolve around words.  My father used to play the Dictionary game.  We would flip through the dictionary and try to stump him on a word's definition.  Rarely did we find a word he couldn't define.  In high school, my number one, most favorite teacher (aka "Mom") would post a new Word of the Day on her blackboard.  Fast forward to Christmas 2009 and she gifted me a stocking stuffer Word of the Day desk calendar that I happily popped on our small apartment's kitchen counter where I'd see it every morning.

Not only are these fond memories, but they were fun ways my parents found to expand our vocabularies.  You're never too young to learn new words!

Be like Cher and Tai, don't use new vocabulary sporadically.  Read on for this week's Words on Wednesday!

11 November 2011

I'm a Hooker Now

Word play!

I don't know what it was that inspired me, but a month ago I made the decision that I was going to learn how to crochet.  I immediately went to Joann Fabrics, bought myself the variety pack of crochet needles and a skein of yarn.

Susan Bates Crochet Hook Set.  My set is rainbow colors & way more fun than this.
My timing could not have been more perfect.  The archivist where I work informed me that she had recently started a monthly "Fiber Time" gathering.  It is a knitting/sewing/fiber working get together for anyone in the area to show off what they're working on, get advice, and enjoy each other's company.  The archivists enthusiastically offered to teach me how to crochet at the next meeting.  As I told her I'd definitely be there, a part of me wondered if I'd turned into an adorable 90 year old recently.  Boy, am I glad I ignored that annoying part of my brain.

Check out the pattern after the jump...

09 November 2011

Words on Wednesday

I am a huge fan of the English language.  Yes, I am a badge carrying member of the Grammar Police.

But, when I'm not being obnoxious about the little things, I'm soaking up the beauty of words.  I majored in Linguistics in college, which I chose because of this love for language and it wound up only making me love language more.  Let me clear a few things up for you, after the jump:

04 November 2011

It's a Planket!

I have about 10 different projects floating around the house that I've been meaning to complete, but haven't gotten around to.  I'm great with excuses and procrastination.

There were no excuses for this project, though.  It was going out as a birthday gift for the little guy I babysit, which meant it had to be done yesterday.  Here it is!

 It's a pillow - it's a blanket - it's a planket!  

The inspiration and seriously simple  tutorial came from here.  I wanted to make something special for the little guy's second birthday, and when I saw this, I knew it was meant to be.  He loves being outside and watching his dad play lacrosse, so this is perfect.  It can be used as a pillow for cold bleacher (anyone else think 'bleacher' doesn't look right?) seats or as a blanket for sitting in the grass.

Unfortunately, I totally forgot to snap a pic of it unfolded, but hit the link to the tutorial and you'll understand the magic of the planket.

I wanted to challenge myself a little, so I decided to monogram his initials on with a zig-zag stitch.  Let's just say, it wasn't perfect...

But for a first go, I don't think it looks half bad.  Yes, my letters are a wonky, the seams are a bit...wild, and my J is teeny, but I love it.  It's hard not to love something that you put your blood, sweat, and tears into.  Okay, maybe no blood or tears, but I started out with a sweater on, and finished in a tank top.

I'd love to hear what you've recently made that's not perfect, but you love it anyway!  Leave a comment.