17 February 2012

Baby Shower: Purple Crochet Baby Hat

Let's bring this baby series to an end at the top...of the baby's head!

My baby shower gift to the mom-to-be was a crochet baby hat.  She wanted something with a little more pizzazz than a plain old beanie.  I searched through the patterns on Ravelry and Lion Brand for the perfect little girl's hat.

After sifting through about 20 different patterns I landed on this Violet Cloche.  You may need to be a member of Ravelry to see that link.  If you're a knitter or crocheter, it's well worth it to join! (And it's free)

It only took me about 4 hours and 5 restarts to get the hat to the size I felt was right.  I didn't follow the pattern exactly - I took out a row and had to readjust the shells as a result.

Once the hat was whipped up, I felt it was too plain, so I popped a little star on it.  The star pattern is also from Ravelry, A Garland of Stars or it can be found on the blog of the pattern's creator.

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