15 June 2010

After my first blog failed to inspire me, but won at instilling doubt in my grasp of the English language (how ironic), I am creating this new blog. Here, I will post my musings, rantings, laudings, etc.

I'll ease myself into it with what I've been pondering for the last 20 minutes. To buy a magazine subscription or to not. I always enjoy reading magazines (or simply skimming through their pages), but I have yet to buy an actual subscription. I have wasted more money on grabbing random magazines while standing in line pondering whether I really should be buying that fourth bag of chips this week. (More on that love affair at a later date.)

Most magazines now are just ad books. Pages 1-25 are Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Burberry shoving their product down my throat as I anxiously flip past for the scholarly "10 New Sex Positions" expose. These are usually the same old tales tossed back at you with different titles and color schemes.

I think, however, that I have found a magazine I can settle myself into subscribing to: Self. A good friend recently brought it along with her on her trip to see me. It is not only a beauty & fashion magazine, but a health & fitness magazine. It didn't have the hard-hitting articles that grace the middle 3 pages of many magazines nowadays, but it made me happy. No overtly sexual articles about pleasing your man or getting the bedroom booty every girl dreams of. It's geared toward women to simply make them happy. I like that.

And, with that, I have inspired myself to click "Subscribe".

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