29 June 2010

85 Is Cool? New Technology is Cool?

This is the first evening since we moved down here that it's been "cool" and not 90% humidity, so I'm taking advantage of this and sitting in our Florida room watching the dogs attack bugs stuck crawling along the screens and listening to my Pandora "They All Laughed" station.

I started subscribing to RSS feeds on my Google Reader today. I don't know what took me so long to enter this realm of online information gathering. I have seen the little orange wave on practically every website, but ignored it. I like to think it's because I'm anti-conformity and a total non-hipster, but I cannot lie to myself; I dislike a majority of new things until I force myself (or, more often, am forced) to try them.

I'm a crotchety, creaky 90 year old man. (Definitely not a sweet, candy-carrying granny.) I prefer to shuffle around the house in my worn-in slippers and curse those youngins with their loud music and crazy ideas. This might be a (slight) hyperbole, but I do enjoy my slippers. I'm definitely a child of this extremely connected, constantly moving Internet age, I just come around to new technology a great deal slower than others.
The only Uggs I will ever own. Thanks, Santa!

I swore off e-readers when I first heard of them because nothing can replace the feel of a bona fide, grainy book in your hands. After spending time reading reviews about different e-readers and playing with the Nook at Barnes & Noble, I've decided they might not be the work of El Diablo. Now the top of my Christmas list is adorned with the Nook (No, not the Kindle. Give me a color screen and book sharing.). Hear that, Santa? My husband downloaded the most recent Blackberry software to my phone yesterday and I nearly had a heart attack. As you may have guessed, I survived, but I spent today adjusting to the new BBM format and horrible pain of setting up my email again. Life is so hard.

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