03 May 2012

Photo a Day: May

After meaning to do this since January, I'm finally participating in Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day partay!  I won't  be posting pictures every day, but will be posting in groups as I remember.  Here's the list for May if anyone wants to hop on board.  Visit Fat Mum Slim for more details on participating!

Source: Fat Mum Slim
Without further delay, May 1st-3rd!

May 1: Peace
Today was our first day of moving, and the only space I could find in our temporary room that wasn't a jumbled mess was this little corner of our dresser.  Peace on a hectic day.

The lighting in the room at 9pm was rather yellow and I don't have the skills to fix that. Deal with it.
May 2: Skyline
It was cloudy all day and rained all afternoon, so my skyline is nothin but clouds.

May 3: What I Wore Today
Today we had more moving to do and loads of trash to bring to the dump, so my actual attire wasn't especially inspiring.  These are my staple jewelry pieces.  I usually wear a necklace with my birth stone and a little gold heart from my great grandma, but right now I'm too proud of my bear to not wear my sweetheart wings.