28 July 2010

Drop in the Bucket

As I said in my last post, I love lists, so it should come as no surprise to my beloved, loyal, numerous readers that I have started a "Bucket List". I have had a lot of time on my hands lately which has lead me to think about what I want out of life. As with most people's "Bucket Lists", mine is rather varied, but there is a large chunk dedicated to traveling (stroll the Great Wall, marvel at the Taj Mahal, check my watch with Big Ben, smile with the Mona Lisa, hike to Machu Picchu). I want to see as much of the world as possible before I die.

Sadly, I have some hindrances to these dreams, including a fear of flying and travel anxiety. I have a few weddings dotted along the East Coast to go to in the coming months and I'm already worried that I'll miss a flight or lose my luggage! Luckily, my husband is extremely level-headed and can talk me down from almost any irrational rant I'm on at the moment.

For the next few months, the weddings will be my traveling and I will have to put off my globe trotting dreams and cross something else off of my list. My list is patiently sitting in a notebook next to my computer waiting to be freed. Eliminating travel from my possibilities leaves me with many options. I could go skydiving (ha!), take salsa dancing lessons (need a partner), go vegetarian for a month, or become trilingual.

I have already begun my attempts at learning another language (French) and have a basic knowledge of Spanish, so option #4 is slowly on its way to being crossed off. Skydiving is on the list more for comedic purposes and I'm waiting on the return of my dance partner to sign up for lessons. It would appear that my best option is to attempt a dietary change. If you know my eating and cooking habits then you will understand that this should be a simple change. I'm not the biggest cook and my preferred meals tend to vary between pasta, PBJs, and grilled cheese sandwiches. I definitely don't have it in me to go vegan (I love cheese far too much!), but I think I'm up for the vegetarian challenge.

As with most everything I do, I'll start with some research before taking the leap. I don't eat tofu, so I'll have to find recipes that don't focus on it. I have already requested a packet from PETA on going vegetarian. I'll keep the world posted on my efforts once I begin this Bucket List Bullet. Wish me luck!

Mr. Koala and I have some bucket work to be done.

16 July 2010

List Love

I have created a list of things that have made me happy in the past few weeks. I thought I'd share not only this list, but my love of lists with the world.

  • My husband - He keeps me sane in an insane world.
  • My dog - Shadow is a cozy cuddler and a constant cache of cuteness. (I adore alliteration.)
  • Rain storms -A sudden deluge of cleansing water and a glorious concert of light and sound.
  • Skirts - Easy, breezy, free.
  • Dog toys - There is nothing more adorable than the full body wiggles that ensue when a new toy is gifted to Shadow.
  • Air conditioning - Too hot. Too humid.
  • Museums - Being surrounded by history reminds me that someone came before me and someone will always follow.

Those who know me know I love lists and organizing. It's very therapeutic to have a better idea of what's in your life or missing from your life in that moment. You can remind yourself of those things that make you smile or release tension by finally admitting to what's bothering you. To do lists help you remember what needs to get done so you can keep things in working order and help you prevent your life from imploding on you. When in doubt, make a list!

11 July 2010

Hop on the Twain Train

"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug." - Mark Twain

This quote has popped up on my iGoogle homepage many times in the last week or so. Twain could not have hit the nail on the head any harder. (Ah, clever clich├ęs, how you never grow old.)

Twain stamped his mark on my memory and literary endeavors when I read A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court last summer. I had read reviews that it isn't his best work, but it was quoted in Dexter (yes, TV shows are where I get my reading inspiration from, but, be honest, who doesn't do this?), so I decided to give it a shot.

The novel wasn't outstanding, but what did get me was the message Twain was going for and the way he wrote. His diction is superb and there are moments of pure perfection in this novel. Unlike famous authors of today whose writing falls far short of being inspirational or erudite, but lands rather in the "Fun, Candy, Beach Reading" category , ie Stephenie Myers & Charlaine Harris*, Twain's writing is elegant and purposeful. I don't find myself chuckling over his poor sentence structure or pathetically obvious imagery, but in awe of the beauty that he creates with his combinations of 26 letters and every day punctuation.

Minus his bow tie being a little limp, he wasn't half bad
looking and had a great head of hair.

Twain is just one of many authors whose writing I and, as evidenced by his fame, the general population find to far surpass others who call themselves "writers". Take the time on your lunch break, weekend, train ride home, any free moment to give Twain and other famous authors a chance at inspiring you. You might be surprised at how easily a message meant for the 19th Century can apply to the 21st.

*I will fully admit to reading and enjoying the Sookie Stackhouse and Twilight series novels.

06 July 2010

B. Spears' Most Recent Plastic Surgery? Head Reattachment

Has anyone seen the August Cosmopolitan cover?


Is it just me or does Britney Spears' head look a little...off? Anyone with Paint could make Britney look better than this. I know one amateur Photoshop goddess could easily make her look like her head hasn't been poorly reattached recently. Shout out to Dear Photoshop Girl!

Maybe my eyesight as failing me, but this looks awful.