19 January 2012

Haaave You Met Stella?

I received a thoughtful and gorgeous gift for Christmas this year made by my loving husband.  Let me introduce you to my girl, Stella.  Tyson built her and I stained her.  It was a family affair.

She's half the size of her big sister, which is housing the majority of our books in the guest room, and fits perfectly next to our tv in the living room.  I also now have an area to display all of the sparkly crystal and glassware we received for our wedding.

Celtic glassware.  Gotta show a little Irish pride!

Say it with me, "Ohhh pretty!"

Just a few shots of my pretties that are now proudly on display.  I may sound crazy but I find myself looking at the bookcase more than the tv when I'm watching a show.  She's just so pretty and really makes the room feel closer to complete.

On top of my Stella is our happy toad that Tyson just couldn't say no to when we went to gallery night downtown a couple months ago.

He's such a happy little guy.  One look at his face and you can see why Tyson couldn't pass him up.

So there she is.  Stella and all of her pretties.

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