24 January 2012

Another blog?

Happy Tuesday morning to everyone!  

First, a quick note - a few people yesterday commented that sour milk is gross, icky, etc.  Let me reassure you that it's name may make it sound bad, but I found nothing off in the taste of the pancakes.  It's a perfect substitute when you don't have buttermilk in the fridge, which for me is always.

Now, onto the real reason for today's post.  As you know, I am currently working on my Masters in Library and Information Science.  For one of my courses this quarter, our final project is a young adult literature/resources review blog. I am really excited for this project, as I love YA literature and I am a fan of writing book reviews.

I Claim Them All  will be updated regularly in the coming weeks, and I'm hoping to continue writing reviews on it after the course is finished.

I need to select a genre to focus on for a large chunk of my reviews.  At the moment, I am leaning toward fantasy, as I read a lot of fantasy books when I was younger.  Anyone have any young adult selections in this genre to suggest?


  1. I didn't think the pancakes sounded gross at all (that's how your grandmother made sour milk when she had no buttermilk), and I Claim Them All is very cool. Everyone should read it.

  2. Anything by Tanith Lee. She was my favorite :)
    Hope all is well!