09 November 2011

Words on Wednesday

I am a huge fan of the English language.  Yes, I am a badge carrying member of the Grammar Police.

But, when I'm not being obnoxious about the little things, I'm soaking up the beauty of words.  I majored in Linguistics in college, which I chose because of this love for language and it wound up only making me love language more.  Let me clear a few things up for you, after the jump:

1. No, I don't speak 10 different languages.
2. No, that is not where I learned to hate grammatical errors (I can thank my lawyer father and English teacher mother for that).
3. Yes, a degree in Linguistics is in no way applicable to a real world job.
4. Yes, I knew #3 and still majored in it.
Even though I knew I was going to need more schooling after getting this random degree, I loved every second of it...except for a few tear-inducing courses.  I'm looking at you, Semantics.

You may wonder, "What, then, did you actually learn in four years?"  I would have to answer that question with the beauty of language.  The variety of sounds we can make is astounding.  I love listening to people speak foreign languages, not only because it makes me feel cool by association, but because it's beautiful.

International Phonetic Alphabet

I'm sure you've heard enough of my babbling and what to know what I'm getting at.  Well, I've decided that Wednesdays are for words on INM.  Every Wednesday, I will share with you a word or group of words that I find noteworthy.  Often, I'll share a word because I love the way it sounds.  Other times, I love a word's definition. Sometimes, I love how a word's definition seems to contradict the way it sounds.   And, on some occasions, I cannot stand a word.

Each week I want to share a word or two with you.  I will try to switch things up, and share words I dislike, as well as those I love.  I hope that you will share your thoughts on each word, whether you hate it, are indifferent, or love it as much as I do.

And now, without further ado, the inaugural Word on Wednesday is:

pusillanimous, adj.
      Lacking in courage or strength of purpose; faint-hearted, craven, cowardly
                  Origin : classical Latin pusillus very small (diminutive of pusus boy) + animus soul, mind
Definition and origin adapted from the Oxford English Dictionary.

Love it? Like it? Hate it?  What are your thoughts on the Words on Wednesday installments?


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  2. My thoughts? Like it. Love you.