29 November 2011

Words on Wednesday: A Brilliant Mind

I am in the midst of writing final papers, so this week's WoW will be brief.  This interview with noted linguist Steven Pinker was on the Frontpage of the New York Times website yesterday.  Take a few minutes to listen to a brilliant man.  You just might learn something new!

This week's Word on Wednesday is inspired by Dr. Pinker and his works:

oeuvre, noun
          a substantial body of work constituting the lifework of a writer, an artist, or a composer
                    origin: French œuvre, literally, work, from Old French ovre, Latin opera
                    First Known Use: 1875

This week's definition taken from Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  Click the link for the pronunciation!  Not going to lie, I love words with three vowels in a row.  I don't know if I like how it looks or figuring out how to pronounce them, just love 'em.  Thanks for loaning us this lovely word, French!

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