23 November 2011

Words on Wednesday: Gratitude

As Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I had to make this week's Word on Wednesday theme gratitude.  Too often we don't acknowledge and say thanks for those people, moments, things, etc in our lives that have affected us positively, even simple "Thank you" notes are too much for people nowadays.

1. My husband.  He is always patient and kind, even when I'm not.
2. My beasts.  When I'm stressed or feeling down, they break out in a ridiculous rough and tumble wrestling match that always puts a smile on my face.
3. My brothers.  We may be a thousand miles apart, but I always feel like I'm home when I talk to them.
4. My parents.  They understand - "We could not talk or talk for hours, and still find things to not talk about." - Name that movie.
5. Friends, near and far.  It's always great to talk to people who have known me for years, but I've loved meeting and getting to know more women who are dealing with the same issues I am.

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Hit the jump for 6-10 and this week's festive WoW!

6. Cooler weather.  I can walk to my mailbox without breaking into a sweat usually reserved for only the most intense of workouts.
7. Crochet.  As old lady as I may sound, crocheting has brought a lot of joy to me this past month.
8. Oreos with colored filling.  Yes, I love Oreos when the creme is white, but I stand by my statement that they taste better when seasonally colored. (Hello, winter red!)
9. Friendly people in waiting rooms.  I sat in my vet's waiting room for nearly an hour this morning, which really didn't bother me, partly because a nice women (with her teeny dog) and I had a nice chat about our Thanksgiving meal plans.
10. Jazz music.  I've been on a Jazz binge lately, especially my "They All Laughed" Pandora station.  Thank you, Louis and Ella.

In honor of tomorrow's great turkey feast, here is this week's Word on Wednesday!

convivial, adj.
       1. friendly; agreeable: a convivial atmosphere.
       2. fond of feasting, drinking, and merry company; jovial.
       3. of or befitting a feast; festive.
               Origin: 1660–70;  < Late Latin convīviālis  festal, equivalent to Latin convīvi ( um ) feast ( convīv ( ere ) to live together, dine together ( con- con-  + vīvere  to live) + -ium -ium) + -ālis -al

Once again, this week's definition and origin taken from Dictionary.com

I love the letters "f" and "v", otherwise known as fricatives.  I especially love convivial because of the proximity of the two "v"s to each other.

If all goes well, these Sweet Potato Cupcakes will be on the menu tomorrow!  Recipe from Picky Palate

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I must be off to my kitchen to get some Thanksgiving Eve cooking done.