25 March 2011

Spring Sun & Greenery

I've been seriously enjoying this glorious spring weather.  I won't be so happy when it's 90 and humid down here, but 80s in March is unheard of in my world.  Because of this spring happiness, I feel the urge to share my joy with those less fortunate than I am, aka you crazy snowed-in Northerners.  My father recently bought us the best spring enjoyment gift ever: an adirondack table and chair patio set from Hayneedle.com.  They had been sitting in our living room in boxes for the past month waiting for me to work up the enthusiasm to stain them.

Boy, am I glad I finally found the enthusiasm button because they are fantastic.  I used Cabot Australian Timber Oil in Natural, and it only took about an hour last Sunday.  I'm no professional, so there are some drip spots and missed spots, but, overall, I am extremely happy with the outcome.

 Yes, my beer cozy is purple with pink fish.  Just bought it this afternoon.  The book is I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith.  I watched the film version a while back and really enjoyed it, and was super excited to find out recently that it was originally a novel!  Just another happy moment in this bright month of March.

On Wednesday, I took a quick jaunt over to Lowe's to find some pretty flowers to adorn the table.  I wanted vibrant yellow and blue flowers, but I wasn't seeing anything blue that made me jump for joy.  I settled on those gorgeous yellow dahlias and some nice white crawling flowers.

Tyson and I have been into plants lately.  Check out the greenery on our front stoop.  The first picture is of our exploding tomato plants and the second picture is of our blueberry bush (which has also exploded since we planted it a few weeks ago) and some fun pink and white flowers.

 We're starting to see tomatoes already!

So you know I'm not lying when I saw they've exploded, here's a picture I took February 27th, the day we planted them.

 Once again, the plants today!

Yay for plants and green and happiness!

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