17 March 2011

My Beasts & Thank Yous

I consider myself a pretty typical pet owner.  I love my beasts.  I think just about everything they do is adorable and sweet and lovely and brilliant.  Well, except for what the cat does.  He's cute, but seriously lacking in the intelligence department.  I talk about them to my friends like they're my children.    I talk to them like they're licensed therapists.  I woke up this morning as big spoon to my dog and little spoon to my cat.  All pretty typical pet owner habits, I'd say.

Now, I'd like to shamelessly link up to my dearest husband's Youtube page.  What does this have to do with my beasts?  Everything.  Just go. Look. Do it.  Soak in the adorable-ness.  Now.

I have more videos to post to the Youtube page once I get around to it.  The fights take on new venues and obstacles.  Get excited. Do it. Now.

Finally, a big thank you to our good friends for letting us borrow their stylish yellow truck to bring our mound of leaves to the dump.  Shadow really enjoyed the leafbox (similar to a sandbox, but way more awesome).  AAAAND one more finally, thank you to my father who spent part of his Florida vacation raking the leaves in our backyard.  Ask him about his raking system.  He'd love to show you a little trick.

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  1. Anonymous22/3/11 20:10

    the yellow thing... hand me the yellow thing!!