04 March 2011

Fun Friday Finds!

After stopping by Joann's to pick up supplies for my Sewing 101 class this Sunday (yay!), I decided to take a look at an antiques/consignment store in town that I had yet to visit, and I was not disappointed.

Alyssa's Antique Depot was ginormous with an awesome selection of antiques, furniture, gifts, and home decor. I really wasn't expecting much as I drove there, but was beyond pleasantly surprised when I actually got lost wandering the many booths. What first caught my eye was a white ceramic hippo named Luigi (his given name, but totally appropriate for the little guy - $5, and he's worth every penny). I have had my eye out for an elephant to spray paint up for my office, but little Luigi captured my heart. I did feel a little odd cradling a hippo for the next 30 minutes as I wandered, but I didn't want one of these hippo hooligans that I've heard so much about snatching him up!

He was instrumental in helping me to discover my other Alyssa's purchases: Silvia, the tarnished silver platter ($8), and Yoshi, the ceramic dino ($4). Meet the newest additions to the family!

Yoshi & Luigi just chillin'

Silvia with her new best friend, Weiman Silver Cream

Today's post will be all about Silvia. It's a bit too windy out for me to sand and spray Luigi & Yoshi. She has a gorgeous, very light etching on her that I was hoping I would be able to show off on my dresser. You can see it if you click on the picture and magnify it. I bought silver polish andwas anxious to see what would happen. Here she is halfway through her makeover:
The left side has been polished up and looks fab. The right side, unpolished and drab. (Luigi and Yoshi are super helpful looking on)

Sadly, the polish can't get rid of the rust spots, but they don't bother me much. Here she is in her new home, alongside our framed wedding invitation and my jewelry box:

In case you're wondering, that handsome, coiled devil's name is Steve.

Doesn't she look great?! I'm pleasantly surprised with my spur of the moment tray purchase! Now I'll be less likely to pile my cardis and t-shirts on my dresser. Don't be afraid to explore local antique shops and thrift malls for inexpensive, tarnished silver! It doesn't take much to spruce them up, and they look great in any room.

Cost Breakdown:

Silvia: $7.95
Weiman Silver Cream: $4

Total: $11.95


  1. STEEVVVEE. (Said in the tone of "ME" from Legally Blonde)

  2. I knew you'd appreciate his prominent place on my dresser! He's always out and about. I had to super glue his head bead back on for this photoshoot. The Vicks popped it off!

  3. what!! popped it off!! How, what, how? Is he okay?