22 February 2012

Grammy's Chocolate Cookies

And then I was  procrastinating and a little depressed, which can only lead to one thing: baking.  My mom and I were talking about what we do when we're sad; she eats, I bake.  I'm not sure if we're perfectly made to be depressed together, or if we're a dangerous, fat-enabling duo.  Unfortunately, my mom isn't here to eat these cookies, so the task has been left to me.  I am a dangerous, one woman, fat-enabler.

Moving on...I decided to choose a cookie that didn't require me leaving the house, and these soft beauties were it!

Grammy's Chocolate Cookies

Hit the link for the recipe.  They're soft and delicious.  A few reviewers noted that they're perfect for add-ins: sliced almonds, mint chips, toffee bits.  Next time I make them, I'll have to spice them up a little.  I always prefer to experience a cookie for the first time without any fancy touches.

Did I mention they're rolled in sugar?  Reminds me of the Gingerbread Softies I made for the holidays.  The recipe calls for sanding sugar, but, come on, Martha, I ain't that fancy.

Not only am I getting great recipes out of my cookbooks, but I'm picking up tricks for my own food photography.

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