13 February 2012

Baby Shower: Cherry Vanilla Cake

For the baby shower, I wanted all my baked goods to have pink or purple in some way.  An overkill of pink, one might say.

When I found this recipe for Cherry Vanilla Cake, I could not have been more excited.

Source Sprinkle Bakes
I'm not the biggest maraschino cherry fan, but they are barely perceptible in this cake.  I would say the cake is more Cherry Almond, as there is no vanilla in the cake itself, but almond.  The vanilla comes into play in the frosting.

I doubled the recipe since I had two 9" baking pans, and the recipe on the site is only for one 9" pan.  I also had made a test cake a few weeks prior to the shower and found out that splitting the single recipe into two pans yielded cakes that didn't create a tall cake.  I wanted a tall, dramatic cake, so doubling the recipe was a must!

I didn't make the buttercream frosting that's on this site because it was WAY too many steps, and I just was not putting that much effort into frosting.  Whisking eggs over simmering water? No thanks.

I used this easy buttercream frosting recipe from Allrecipes.com and it turned out delicious.  I'm sure the Sprinkle Bakes recipe is delish and you won't be disappointed if you try it, but for those you who are lazy like I am, go with the Allrecipes one.

And then there was my bootleg copy of the Sprinkle Bakes cake.  Mine's not as pretty, but it tasted great!
I'm also looking to learn new tips and tricks for food photography.  I received a Canon EOS Rebel XS for Christmas/early birthday present (thank you again, Dad!), and I'm dying to take better pictures of everything I put on the blog for you, especially food.  If you know any tip sites or are a food photographer yourself, please email me or leave a comment!

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