08 May 2011

Green: Homemade Laundry Detergent

Thanks to StumbleUpon, I've discovered a bunch of great recipes (as I discussed in my last post), but I've also discovered a bunch of great "Go Green" ideas.  Today, I decided to try out one of the many I've bookmarked - Homemade Laundry Detergent!

I used this recipe from diy Natural.  I meandered over to my local Publix grocery store, partly for the ingredients, but mainly for some not-yet-a-mother Mother's Day present to myself (okay, mayyybe I let Tyson have one or two).  I was shocked and super pumped at how inexpensive the ingredients were.  If this stuff really works then we could save a TON of money on laundry detergent!

For all three ingredients I paid: $8.87 (which will end up making me 4 batches, since I only bought a 4-pack of Ivory, but the Borax & washing soda will last for more than that) versus $10-$20 for one jug of brand name detergent filled with chemicals and other harmful ingredients.

Jabs' recipe calls for:

1 shaved bar of bar soap
1 Cup Borax
1 Cup Super Washing Soda

Stir it all up and use a tablespoon per load (use another tablespoon if the load's extra nasty).  Could it be any simpler?  I mean, come on!  Simple, earth-friendly, AND wallet-friendly?  I'm in Heaven.

I've already used the detergent on a load of delicates, and can say that they smell fresh and clean and were not harmed in the wash (I was convinced they'd come out horribly splotched and ruined - why I tried it on my delicates first, I cannot say...).  I'm waiting for the hamper to fill up with workout clothes, so I can give the detergent a real test of stink-removal. I won't lie, I sweat a lot when I work out, and Tyson is a stink machine -- our children are definitely out of luck in the smell department if genetics have anything to do with it)

I'm thinking about adding a little fragrance oil to make the detergent smell extra nice to give as a gift in a nicely decorated jar.  DIY GIFT!

This post brought to you by: grad school procrastination!


  1. I'm just reading this, and that is awesome. You're a great DIY-er. Did it work on the workout clothes because my parents passed the sweaty Italian genes down to me, too. It's super. Not gross

  2. It has worked fine on everything! Just make sure you grate the bar soap super fine. More shredded than grated. We have had to rewash flight suits because bar soap got stuck in pockets and was too thick to dissolve