03 May 2011

Delicious Link-up!

I started graduate school about 6 weeks ago, so I must apologize for being MIA.  Apparently, grad school requires a lot of reading and assignments.  Who'da thunk it!?

In my spare time, I have been exploring procrastinating on various websites, my current favorite being the always popular Stumble Upon.  It is here, and in pretty much every show and movie that I've watched, that my husband and I have come to the rather obvious conclusion that I am very easily swayed by images of food.  If people are drinking a beer on the show we're watching, I immediately crave a beer.  If Stumple Upon links me to a website that smacks me in the face with a glorious feast, I want to cook it (most often bake, but let me feel like I'm well-rounded in the kitchen).

Tonight, instead of baking, I am going to procrastinate writing the million Discussion Board posts that I have for this week, I've decided to link up to a few of the goodies I'm dying to bake lately:

Centsational Girl just posted a delicious looking Raspberry Rhubard Crumble. This site is usually one of my go tos for home diy fun, but she popped this gem on me today, and I was beyond excited.

Glorious Dulche de Leche Brownies from Miss in the Kitchen.

Homemade Twix Bars from Not without Salt.

And last, but most certainly not least, Chocolate Cake made with Greek Yogurt from (never home)maker.

Can you say swoon?  I feel like I'm 12 again and trying to choose which American Girl Doll I want.  Luckily, unlike choosing an American Girl Doll (we all know whichever one you chose represents you for life. Hellooo, Samantha!), I can't go wrong with any of the above.

If you simply want to drool on your keyboard whilst at work, visit FoodGawker.  There are another million and one things on this site that I want to make.

P.S. I did make Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread this weekend.  I love giving in to temptation.  It wasn't as pretty as Joy's and probably not nearly as gooey and soft, but I enjoyed it.  Maybe a little too much, but that's what the gym is for.

Oh, and here's a beast video for you since this post lacked fun pictures of the food.  But, really, click on the links.  You won't be sorry.


  1. Can you bake me the brownies and send them to me?

  2. I need to figure out how to make the dulce de leche

  3. ahahaahhaha i love your cat!

  4. post-made me drool, and I still want to make those twix bars, too. video-awesome. I love what you guys do with your free time.

  5. He does some ridiculous things. Sadly, I don't always have the camera out (or Tyson is shirtless when I record & I'm not allowed to post those online).