15 December 2011

Terrarium Replanting

If you've been following my blog for more than 6 months, you'll remember how proud and excited I was when I planted my terrariums.  For those behind the times, here's the original post.

Unfortunately, a few of the plants didn't make it more than a couple months, okay one month...  This is how I felt:

I put all of my faith in watering them, figuring if water couldn't save them, what could?

Brilliant plan, as you can see.

After letting the dead plants sit for a good month (okay, two), I got around to replanting them last weekend.

Once again, I put a layer of rocks (left overs and reused from the Dollar Tree) in the bottom for drainage.

And here they all are in their new, happy (I hope) homes.

As you can see, I saved a couple dinosaurs from the first terrarium planting, but a tiger stalked and ate the rest.  Poor tiny dinos.

I bought the patterned blue vase and the large clear vase from a local thrift store, the bowl vase on sale at Michael's during the first terrarium planting, and the light blue and salmon pots half off at Joann Fabrics last weekend.

A lovely shot of our Christmas fireplace, Christmas tree, and a grumbly pup who just wants to go for a walk.

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